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Farm Update Walkthrough at Mango Loa Project

Introduction to the Project Welcome to the Mango Loa project, a five-year initiative aimed at improving Hawaii's mango industry by incorporating and demonstrating high-density orchard management techniques, including ultra-high density plantation and open Tatura trellis systems. Project Phases Orchard Comparison The project compared the traditional method of mango cultivation (50 to 70 trees per acre) […]
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Farm Educational Program and Farm Tour Update for the Mango Loa Project

Introduction Join us at the next farm educational tour to explore the Mango Loa Project and learn about sustainable farming practices, pest management, and tree maintenance. Challenges in Mango Cultivation Pest Control Strategies Fertilization Practices Canopy Management and Tree Density Pruning and Orchard Management Grafting and Variety Improvement Trellis System for Mango Trees Future Plans […]
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Umi's Farm: Revolutionizing Mango Orchard Management in Hawaii

Introduction to Umi's Farm Welcome to Umi's Farm, a pioneering agricultural venture on Kauai, specializing in mango orcharding. This blog post delves into the innovative techniques and practices employed at Umi's Farm to enhance mango production. Developing the Orchard: Yearly Progression Year 1: Establishing the Foundation The first year at Umi's Farm was focused on […]
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Insights into High-Density Mango Orchard Management

Introduction to High-Density Mango Production Mango cultivation has evolved significantly over the years, with new techniques and strategies emerging to improve yield and efficiency. This blog post delves into the journey and learnings of a mango orchard project, focusing on the transition towards high-density planting and its implications. 1. The Genesis of the Mango Orchard […]
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